Ian Watson

Ian Watson Edition
Limited Edition of 25 Giclee Print 594mm x 420m on 310g acid free cotton rag paper

Commissioned for GMP’s presence at Sluice Art Fair 2013. Limited edition £110 includes shipping in UK only. Please email GMP for European and International Shipping Rates.





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Ian Watson was born in Crawley and studied Fine Art at Howard Gardens, Cardiff. He now lives and works in Cardiff having spent a decade working in television as an Avid editor. He is currently Artist in Residence at Arcade Cardiff, and at G39 as part of their Unit(e) residency programme

The works found here are largely informed by a misspent youth hiding out with like-minded mutants in video rental shops and woodlands of East Sussex, head buried in headphones, soaking up the occult messages from a collection of heavy metal cassettes.

The sonic works and performances showcased here are generally derived from an obsession with the mis-use and exploration of electronics and recording formats through improvised performances and recording sessions.


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Solo Exhibits:

End To End Burners:
Product of Studio Residency Sept 2015- March 2016
Arcade Cardiff
February 2016

Troll You To The Moon & Back:
Made in Roath
October 2015

Flirting With The Undertaker:
Brewdog Bar,
August 2015

Summer Grass, Winter Worm:
Oriel Mwldan, Cardigan, December 6th 2014 – January 24th 2015

Brain Blood Volume
Chapter, Cardiff, October 2013


Group Exhibits:

Residency at G39 alongside 12 other artists from Jan – Mid March 2016

On Record:
Installation / Performance ‘Only Surface Noise Is Real’ featuring single-sided, resin 7″ records played through a system modelled on the Caermaen CD on Dust, Unsettled
Performance – 29th October 2014
Installation – 27th October – 3rd November
As part of On Record, for Cardiff Contemporary

Solve Et Coagula
Group Show of 30 artists, accompanied by responsive texts from 50 writers.
The Abacus Gallery, Cardiff, June/July 2014

Darlunio – Illustrate 2014
Artists: Chris Harrendence, Colin Kersley, Matt Joyce, Lianne Harrison, Rachel Walsh, Alex Hughes, Adam Fisher, Alex Bagnall, Sue Shields, Philip Morgan, Jennifer Gossman , Deborah Withey, Julien Decaudin, Jonathan Ball, Sarah Edmonds, Suzanne Carpenter, Natalie Griffiths, Ian Watson.
Penarth Pier Pavilion, Penarth, May 2014

Nos Da, Cardiff, July 2013
Artists: John Abel, Rhian Berryman, Bill Chambers, Rory Duckhouse, Geraint Evans, Frankfoto, Rebecca Wyn Kelly, Jaron Lionel, Jon Pountney, Josh Spindler, Sera Wyn Walker, Liz Waterhouse, James Watkins, Ian Watson

Like a Monkey With a Miniature Cymbal
Aid & Abet, Cambridge, July 2013
Artists: Zanne Andrea, Darren Banks, Nicholas Carrick, Rhys Coren, Martyn Cross, Gordon Dalton, Lloyd Durling, Tracey Eastham, Thomas Goddard, Anton Goldenstein, S Mark Gubb, Pat Flynn, Neal Jones, Brendan Lancaster, Marion Piper, Yelena Popova, Laura Reeves, Anthony Shapland, Ian Watson

Brzeska’s Eagle
G39, Cardiff, 2012
Artists: Liam O’Connor, Rebecca Spooner, Ian Watson

Swan Lake
Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff, 2012
Now on permanent exhibition at Birmingham Hippodrome.
Artists: Adele Page, Anna Gwenllian, Aron Jones, Cathryn Weatherhead, Dan Berry, Dan Peterson,
Ed Fairburn, Ellen Leber, Emma Levey, Hannah Davies, Ian Watson, James Swain, Joanne Hawker, Kyle Smart, Laura Sorvala, Liam Barrett, Liam Flaherty, Lucy Freegard, Michael Lomax, Millie Morota, Pete Fowler, Richard Davies, Stuart Whitton, Suzanne Carpenter, The Meek Shall,

The Lucky Jotter Pop-up gallery, 125 Towngate, Leyland, 2012
Artists: Emma Benyon, Jessica Wong, Jamie Cook, Hannah Bitowski, Sarah Wigan, Patsy Berrisford
ATIC Studios, Doug Mitchell, Josh Pickering, Claire Christerson, Joseph Pegler, Lucy Alexander, Madeline Settle, Nadia Jareh, Nosuch Disco, Ian Watson, Liam Shaw, Adam McAlister

SHO Gallery, Cardiff 2012
Artists: A little stranger, Dan Chernett, Dominic Maye, Ed & Flo, HollowShells, Huw Barrett, Ian Watson, Jimbob Isaac, Mr Go, Nathan Miller, Philip Morgan, Ross Cocker

Totem Homecoming
Zellig SPace, Birmingham, 2011
Artists: Wilmer Murillo, Kristian Jones, Jennie Webber, Anna Charity, Muxxi, Jo Spencer, Jake Ivrill, Ocular Invasion, Marianne Vincent, Ian Watson, Robin Boyden, Suero-studio, Dan Marston, Johnnie Weiliang Hoek, Nikki Pinder, Benjamin Carr, Sam Dunn, Cheuk Yin Chan, Paul ‘Monsters monsters’ Roberts, Mr Phomer, Uberkraaft , Patrick O’Leary, Alex Bertram-Powell, Lesley Barnes

East Gallery,London, 2011
Artists: Polly Harvey, Rebecca Hiscocks, Maria Vladimirova, Jennie Webber, Ian Watson

Sonic Sanctuary
The Louisiana, Bristol 2010
Artists: Cloud Boy, 45rpm, Joey Chainsaw, Christelle Rox, Yoshino Shigihara, Ian Watson, Sam Westernhoff, Scott Whiteman

Peculiar Pleasures
Milkwood Gallery, Cardiff 2010
Artists: Abi Lewis, Andrew Au, James Daw, Arianne Foks, Christopher Harper, June Kingsbury, Juan Alberto Negroni, Ian McCullough, Mark Oliver, Ian Watson


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